Educators Lesson Pack Introduction

Welcome / Purpose of this Resource

Equity and inclusive education work is a vital step in ensuring that every student feels safe, secure and welcomed in their school environment.

The goal of this resource is to provide educators with a quick-reference, on-the-ground first step to creating safer and more inclusive classrooms for all students, including LGBTQ students. This resource acts as a compliment to the work done by Egale Canada through the website and the Equity and Inclusive Education Resource Kit (2011).

The resource is broken up into five sections. Right click and "save as" here to download the entire package as a "zipped" .pdf. 

Inclusion of LGBTQ themes in class discussion and activities is an important piece of an equitable and inclusive education. That being said, there are some important factors to consider when bringing up these themes in the classroom, particularly when doing so for the first time.

This resource adds in strategies to embed queer-positive approaches to existing subject-specific lessons. These lessons could be integrated in a number of subject areas such as English, the Arts (drama) or Health and Physical Education.

Approaches to developing an inclusive school beyond the classroom.

An overview of the legal and ethical reasons for engaging in equity and inclusive education work. Offers resources to support and emphasize the significance of equity work in schools, as well as tools useful in illustrating the positive benefits of embedding LGBTQ topics into all grades and subjects.

A place to familiarize yourself with some of the queer-speak and equity-speak that will provide you with the background knowledge to help you better dialogue with your students.