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Alexis Musanganya, B.Sc

 Musanganya is a thirty-five year-old Rwandan-Canadian who has been living in Montreal for the last ten years. He works as a Webmaster for the office of Public Consultation in Montreal. In 2004, Musanganya founded Arc en ciel d'Afrique, which is an LGBT community organization that connects LGBT immigrants of African and Caribbean origin living in Quebec. ( As the Co-president of Multimundo, he helps to foster coalitions connecting LGBT ethnocultural community organizations in Canada. Musanganya is a Board Member of the Fondation emergence and Sero-Zero and a member of the Advisory Board of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Right Commission (IGLHRC), based in New York. He is a Facilitator of Gris Montreal, an organization of gays and lesbians whose mission is to demystify homosexuality in secondary schools and among new immigrants. As of 2002, Musanganya is the Creator and Programmer of the internet site, which is the first francophone internet site that examines GLBT problems in Africa and has enabled the creation of many LGBT organizations in numerous African countries. Musanganya collaborated with the 1st Outgames in Montreal in 2006 and with Arc en ciel d'Afrique, enabling 28 African people to participate in the international conference of LGBT human rights and in the games.