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Lucas Silveira

Lucas Silveira is the openly trangender lead singer of Toronto alternative-rock band, The Cliks. Born in Canada, to a Portuguese-Canadian family, he lived from the age of four to the age of ten on Pico Island, part of the Azorean archipelago. He has been interviewed by the Associated Press, the Boston Globe, and many radio stations, quickly becoming one of the most visible transgender persons in the music industry.Silveira understands the link the media has made with his transgender identity and the band's music, stating that he knows he is a pioneer and eventually the novelty of his gender identity will wear off. He has said that he wants to be seen first and foremost as a musician rather than an identity spokesman. Silvera has also gotten much attention from the fact that, in his transition from female to male, he has said that he sacrificed the use of male hormones to maintain his signing voice, creating a distinct vocal sound and range.