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Whether you or your child is LGBTQ identified, or an ally, you’re welcome here!


Are you a parent, family, or friend of an LGBTQ youth? Get info and resources on how to be a great ally!


Read, discuss, and share information on LGBTQ safer schools issues in your community and beyond.

Hello, Parents is here to help you make safer schools for your LGBTQ family! Whether you, your partner, your child, or a friend identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning (LGBTQ), or somewhere else on the spectrum, you’ll find relevant tools and information here. Browse through tips and tricks for engaging with schools, LGBTQ friendly media, local programs and organizations, discussion boards, and more.

The Parents section of is a recent addition, and still a work in progress. We encourage you to look over all the resources within this section of the site, and explore the other sections as well. Also, please free to write us with your questions and concerns. Check out the contact info below for contact details.