Setting up a GSA

Setting up a GSA

Setting up a GSA or safer space group is an exciting process, but not without its challenges. Use the resources below to help prepare your club for any challenges you may face.

Sometimes starting a GSA can be a challenge, but you're not alone! Many GSAs have been successfully running for years. Here are 10 basic steps to help you form your school's club

Educate yourself by learning the shocking statistics on LGBTQ youth safety and inclusion in Canadian Schools.

Here are some examples of ways to gauge how LGBTQ inclusive your school is. Use these tools to get sense of where you school is succeeding, and where there’s more to be done.

Consider some of the questions which non-LGBTQ adults may have about safer schools work. Here are some typical questions and answers to help explain this work to others.

Learn and share these nine important reasons for communities of any faith to get involved in tackling homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in school communities.

An ally is an individual who supports the LGBTQ community. Everyone can be an ally, no matter how they identify. Learn more by reading about a few simple steps to allyship.

When starting a GSA or safer space group, it pays to be prepared! Take a peek at this sample of a GSA proposal to get an idea of the kind of document you might create when looking to start a group at your school.

A strong, LGBTQ specific, School Board Policy is an important part of a safer and inclusive school system for everyone. Check out these examples of powerful policy.