Setting up a GSA

Answering Adults' Questions

Adults within the larger heterosexual school community may have concerns and fears of their own. It is important to think through how to answer these questions in ways that are respectful of the diversity of opinions and values that adults share, that speak positively about glbttq families and that reflect our role in providing safe, nurturing space for all children.

My child will be influenced to be gay or trans.

Your child will become who they are "hard-wired" to be. Recognizing glbttq families and playing with children from glbttq families will not change your child's sexuality or gender identity in any way.

My child will be taught values with which I disagree.

Your child will learn the values of care and respect of others, as well as safety and peace for everyone, all values that are compatible with your core values.

My son will become a "sissy."/My daughter will become a "tomboy."

Your children will become who they are intended to be, regardless of their exposure to friends whose parents may be glbttq. Indeed, the exposure may help them to grow into adulthood as open-minded human beings with a broader, more inclusive view of the world.

The "traditional" family will be devalued.

The "traditional" family is only one of a variety of family structures. Families are created in loving relationships. Many families are made up of single parents who are alone through divorce, death of a spouse, or by choice; other families are supported by grandparents, aunts and uncles, or foster parents. Still others are blended families created by bringing children from other relationships. There are families with glbttq parents. In essence, all kinds of families can be valued, supported and respected without threatening one particular form of family.


From Around the Rainbow's Toolkit for Educators and Service Providers. This document, as well as a Toolkit for GLBBTQ Parents/Guardians, can be found online here. Or download a .pdf version here.

If you require further assistance, or have any questions, please feel free to contact Egale Canada at or check out our safer schools and inclusive education website,!