Try This Today - Activities for the Classroom

Five quick activities that can help you begin to discuss and explore LGBTQ issues in your classroom.

This activity is designed to be used as an introduction to language associated with LGBTQ equity and inclusion. It is designed as a first step in helping to address LGBTQ issues - by starting with language you are opening up the topic and ensuring a common understanding among students. At this point there is no valuing or judgment or direction about the issues, only a focus on understanding language prior to engaging with the topic further.

This activity aims to allow for NORMALIZATION of the fact that many of our heroes and famous people in history just happen to also be LGBTQ. It seeks to place the accomplishments of the individual above her or his sexual orientation or gender identity.

An exploration of the concept of "straight privilege" as a way for allies to understand the many potential challenges facing their LGBTQ peers. Best used when introducing discussions and work on equity with a focus on LGBTQ issues. This activity could work well as an introductory or whole-school initiative prior to any anti-homophobia initiatives, be they school-wide or class-based.

This activity is for use as a Media Literacy, Literacy-Across-the-Curriculum, Diversity, Bullying or LGBTQ-focused activity. This activity could readily be applied as a lead-in to discussions of diversity, whole-school anti-bullying initiatives, Day of Silence and standard literacy activities. The opportunity to embed LGBTQ themes into literacy acts as a method of NORMALIZATION of the issues.

Students assess their own school environment, then discuss their assessments in small groups and plan a few steps that might be taken to improve the school’s climate of inclusiveness. This lesson can be done using a home-room, subject-specific class or student-leadership group.